Abdora U6
Abdora U6 saga
Composition Organic and Steel components
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Itself
Abdora U6 is a Bio-Beast used by Count Brocken in his plan to attack the FUJI citadel.


Abdora has a more menacing appearance than its original counterpart featuring a more human-like face and a toothed creature on top of its crown. It is mainly colored a dull gold and copper. Its overall appearance has it look like an Egyptian pharaoh.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Abdora possess immense brute strength able to effortless grapple Z. Like its original counterpart it can also release beams of immense heat from its eyes.


Abdora was mobilized by Count Brocken to attack the citadel after his ship was exposed while his troops attack the city grounds. Z stands to fight Abdora but its immense strength and firepower put it at a disadvantage. Koji then has Z unleash its Breast Fire, completely obliterating Abdora.


  • The kanji that compose its name mean, horsefly (虻) copper (銅) net (羅) referring to the helmet and coloring.

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