Abdora U6
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Limited AI

Kedora (Super Robot Wars Only)

Abdora U6 in the Shin Mazinger anime was among the several Mechanical Beasts to fight in the final battle.


Abdora U6 has the same body structure as it original counterpart, a burly man with a desert style paintjob and more Egyptian-like design.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Abdora U6 has not shown much abilities other than its immense strength, enough to potentially crush the Mazinger Z.


Abdora was one of the last remaining Mechanical Beasts to face Mazinger Z in the final battle against the Photon Power Laboratory. He managed to grab Mazinger in a bear hug fashion nearly crushing him. That is until it was ambushed by the Mazinger Army.


One of the Mechanical Beast to appear in Super Robot Wars Z2.2. One Abdora was controlled by a Kedora when the ZEXIS crew were transport to the past.

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