Kanji N/A
Kana アドニス
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mechanical Gods
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Adonis is a Mechanical God who vied for the hand of Aphrodite, he tried to win her over when she came to Earth and sided with the Z Mazinger by helping her fight the Hydra Mechanical Beast.


Adonis is an attractive Mechanical God with a slightly slim build and lightweight armor. He has semi-spiked hair that stands upward and wears a headdress and a cape.


Adonis is a passionate person who tries what he can to get Aphrodite's attention. He was unwilling to accept that she had left the Mechanical Gods to join up with the people of Earth and tried to gain her favor by helping her fight. Adonis may have been well liked by the Mechanical Gods as Ares was enraged that he was killed in battle.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Adonis is a skilled swordsman and horseman, able to ride the Pegasus Mechanical Beast and use the speed and momentum to cut through the heads of the Hydra.


Adonis had overheard that Aphrodite was on Earth and had aligned with its inhabitants. Unwilling to let her go, Adonis attempted to get her to come back to Olympus by fighting her father's backup plan, the Hydra. He arrived riding the Pegasus and helped her and Z Mazinger fight the Mechanical Beast. Adonis then tries to convince Aphrodite to come back, but she refuses. Regardless, Adonis helps in the fight until he is caught in the mouth of the Hydra. Z Mazinger slashes the Mechancial Beast's head causing Adonis' body to fall into the ocean. Aphrodite goes to help him while Z Mazinger and the Susano Oh fought the Hydra. Aphrodite found Adonis' wreckage and with his body in bad shape looked at Aprhodite until he died. Aphrodite tearfully carried his body out of the ocean to be mourned.

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