Advance! Girls Corps
Season 2, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date August 20, 2015
Written by Hiroshi Ikehata
Directed by Kazuho Hyodo
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Decision! The Strongest Robot Girl Stunned! Exiled from Nerima?
Advance! Girls Corps (Advance! The Robot Girls Army in the subbed version) is the fourth episode of Robot Girls Z+. This marks the debut of Gai-chan the Great.

Summary Edit

After all the girls are announced as the strongest robot girls team, the Lightwave Girl Pikadron shows up to attack them seeing the robot girls as just a bunch of weaklings. Get-chan attacks her but her Getter Beam is absorbed. Pikadron then shows her ability to find her enemies weak points and blurts out their innermost secrets causing Team G's costumes to break apart. Team Go are met with the same fate and when Team Z are affected by the weak point detection beam, Pikadron is overwhelmed by Grenda-san's weakness allowing Team Z to escape.

Team LOD is ready for a fight and Gai-chan immediately has the team perform their great combination in spite of her teammates reluctance. Gai-chan takes her teammates armor and adds to her own becoming Gai-chan the Great. Gai-chan's energy attacks have no effect but by performing her Take Off command which overwhelms Pikadron and using her Burning Death Storm, reveals Pikadron's light body is just a hologram generated by her bulky suit attached to a power cable. Boss yanks the cable when she wakes up revealing that Pikadron is powered by a pedal generator inside a truck powered by Jack and Mary, a Store Owner, and Imamoe. Pikadron reveals that they're an association of Robot Girls victims that had their lives and businesses wrecked by the Robot Girls and the plot was to get revenge on them (although some Robot Girls like Team Go just got caught up in it). Get-chan, still peeved off performs her Shine Spark sending Pikadron and the association flying. Team Z teases Get-chan on her revealed secret afterwards.

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