Aeros B2
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Aeros B2 is one of three aerial Mechanical Beasts that served as the monsters-of-the-week in episode 25 of the Mazinger Z anime along with its counterparts Aeros B1 and Aeros B3.


Aeros B2 is semi-bulked red-colored humanoid Mechanical Beasts with thrusters for shoulders. It features a wide head with a spike on its head and a turbine for flight on its back.


Aeros B2 is capable of flying at moderately high speeds, but less compared to B1. Aeros B2 is more defensive oriented of the three Aeros robots not only being able to resist heat-based attacks but is also capable of channeling long-range energy based attacks and redirecting the attack back on an enemy.


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