Kanji N/A
Kana アイラ
Gender Female
Age (Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Hachiryokaku
Skull Force
Family and Relations Himiko (Older Sister)
Voice Actor Atsuko Tanaka
First Appearance Death Caprice
Aila is the leader of the Hachiryokaku, inheriting the position after her elder sister, Himiko stepped down.



Aila's profile.

Aila is a beautiful woman with long dark hair and pale blue eyes. Her clothing is based on her original counterpart, consisting of a uniquely designed toga that has a long skirt down the back, a piece of cloth in the front, while the top shows her cleavage and held by a white color and a sash around her waist. She wears a crown with a blue gem on her forehead held in place by a spiked decoration. She also wears white go-go boots, red wristbands, and white bands on her upper arms.


Aila is a calm and compassionate person who takes her role as leader very seriously, doing anything in her power to protect her base from threats but is willing to accept help from outsiders like the Skull Force and in turn help them in their tasks.


Aila possesses powerful psychic abilities ranging from foresight to gain information on possible futures, a telekinetic barrier empowered by the Psycho Gears, and telepathy allowing her to communicate with others from a distance. She usually uses her powers within a private chamber where a cloth levitates around her naked body.


Aila was among one of the people trapped in Machine Island after a great war losing her family and following her sister Himiko into what would become the Hachiryokaku. After Himiko joined Garan, Aila took over as leader of the Hachiryokaku. As the Hachiryokaku is fighting against both Kiba and Garan's armies, Aila is in her chamber trying to find a way out the situation when an image of the Mazinkaiser SKL appeared. Aila was startled by this, but as Tsubasa Yuki is brought to the fortress and explains why she and the Death Caprice Squad are there, Aila gives them her full support. She then witnesses the SKL fight against Kiba and his army emerging victorious.

As the Death Caprice Squad go to Garan's palace, Aila observes what may happen if Garan emerges victorious seeing an ominous image. Later as Himiko is killed by the still living Kiba, Aila senses this. Before departing, Himiko offers insight on how to defeat the Iron Kaiser; Aila understands as the SKL fights the Iron Kaiser and drags it to the Gravity Curtain. After the battle is over and the Hachiryokaku's fortress is the only one standing, Aila thanks Tsubasa for their help. With the barrier gone, Aila becomes an important ally to the Skull Force using her psychic abilities to foresee a terrible event.


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