Aila Mu
3 (2)
Kanji N/A
Kana アイラ・ムー
Gender Female
Age (Adolescent to Young Adult)
Robot Goddess Mazinger
Affiliation Mu Army
Family and Relations N/A
First Appearance Mazinger Angels chapter 19
Aila Mu is the queen of the lost continent Mu. With her land under attack by the Mycenae Empire, she desperately called out for a hero to use a sacred treasure of Mu to fight back. She is also the pilot of a female version of the God Mazinger, called the Goddess Mazinger.


Aila resembles her counterpart from the God Mazinger manga, with sliky long black hair, a red dress with Mu symbols on it, and a crown. When piloting the Goddess Mazinger, she wears a helmet resembling the mecha's head.


Aila is a benevolent ruler of Mu, wanting the best and utmost safety of her people. She has a strong belief that someone would appear to save Mu with the sacred treasure of Mu, a belief that came true with Jun Hono appearing and her robot Venus A and are able to use it to fight the Mycenae Empire's Warrior Beasts. Aila since gained a close friendship with Jun, even after Jun left back to her own world with Aila able to contact Jun through her dreams.


Aila has the unique ability to project her thoughts and voice to people from the world outside of her own, but only to a select few. She is also able to pilot a large stone mech like the Goddess Mazinger, but her skills are not as good as Jun's.


Aila was praying to the sacred treasure of Mu for her land to be saved from the invading Mycenae Empire. Her prayers were answered with the arrival of Jun Hono and Tsuyoshi Nonaka, Jun manages to fight off the Warrior Beasts with the Venus A. Aila provides them both a place to stay in the royal palace, while getting close to Jun. Rather than put Jun in danger and lose a trump card, Aila volunteers to man the front line with the Goddes Mazinger. As she is about to be brought down by the Emperor of Darkness, Jun appeared piloting Venus A in a new form, Queen of Gold, after successfully removing the sacred treasure from its pedastal obliterating the Emperor and his Warrior Beast. As Jun returns the treasure to its pedastal, Aila says her goodbyes to her friend.

After this, it is assumed the Aila died along with the rest of Mu after the Dragonsaurus attacked. To prevent this same catastrophe from happening in the modern era, Aila contacts Jun in her sleep and warns her about the monster. She then goes on to tell Jun of a way to defeat the Dragonsaurs with the Sacred Treasure that is within its body. Jun used Queen of Gold with the rest of the MA robot's powered up forms to destroy the Dragonsaurus.

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