The Airborne Element Fixing Device is a quantum entanglement system created by Dr. Kisaragi and is best known for being used by his creation, the various incarnations of Cutey Honey. The device made a few appearances in the Mazinger franchise, often accompanying Honey as a result. It's primary ability is to create objects out of the surrounding subatomic particles by controlling the space around them rather than through nuclear fusion. It also allows the user to disguise themselves by changing their appearance whether it's their clothes or even their own anatomy allowing the user to heal from any damage.

Shin Mazinger ZERO Edit

The Airborne Element Fixing Device was included in the story of the ZERO manga. Some of its functions were implemented into the Mazin Power system including Regeneration and Metamorphosis. Koji's cyborg body also has a device allowing him to change his appearance with the call "Mazin Flash". However unlike Honey' that is powered by caloric metabolism, this version is powered by Photonic Energy.

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