Akira Fudo
Kanji 不動明
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Devilman X
Affiliation God Kaiser Hell
Family and Relations God Kaiser Hell (Grandfather)
First Appearance Unknown
Akira Fudo of MazinSaga is the grandson of God Kaiser Hell and user of the Devilman X armor.


With Koji Kabuto and Z standing in Hell's way of dominating the colonies, Hell completes the work on the Devilman X armor and summons his grandson, Akira to use it. Akira would meet Koji and they assumed their armored forms. What happened after this is unknown as the manga was discontinued.


While most of Akira's skills are not seen he appears to have great control over Devilman X, whereas Koji lost control when first putting on Z.


Akira Fudo is the main protagonist of the Devilman series. In MazinSaga he is portrayed as being more similar to his original manga counterpart, complete with the mask that fused him together with Amon to become Devilman.