Scythe jo
Kanji Unknown
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Great Mazinger (TV): Ep 27
Alekteus was a Humanoid type Warrior Beast that attacked alongside Galgania in episode 27 of Great Mazinger.


Alekteus was a large humanoid, he had and orange helmet and chest armor, the helmet had two large spikes on the sides and a larger crescent shaped spike on his head it also exposed pale brown skin. His two red true faces were located on either side of his chest. he had spikes on either shoulder and large boots. On his left hand was a gigantic sickle and a set of spikes on the other.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alektues used his scythe and hand spikes for close combat, the hand spikes also acted as missiles, he could fly, fire electrical bolts from his cheek spikes and shoulder spikes and had three missiles in each knee.


Great Mazinger was sent to an island because of a radar sighting of Alekteus. However, he is greeted at first by Galgania, who manages to fend off the Great's Missile Punch. Alekteus attacks by surpise, destroying the Great's forearm with his hand spkie missiles, preventing the Missile Punch to dock. He neutralizes the Thunder Break with his electrical bolts from his cheek spikes, and destroys the Great's remaining Missile Punch with his scythe. Both Alekteus and Galgania relentlessly attack the Great Mazinger, knocking it down. Fortunately, Venus A appears and joins the fight, damaging Alekteus in the abdomen, but he recovers and knocks Venus down with his electrical bolts, rendering both Tetsuya and Jun unconscious.

With the two heroic robots knocked down, the Great General Of Darkness orders Galgania to attack the Science Fortress Laboratory, leaving Alekteus to deal with the two robots. Alekteus is about to finish the Great Mazinger with his scythe, Tetsuya regains consciousness and awakens Jun. Both join the fight but soon Venus A is severely damaged by Alekteus. The armless and badly damaged Great Mazinger manages to destroy Alekteus' left arm with his Rust Hurricane. Alekteus uses his leg missiles and his scythe to attack the Great, damaging it badly and driving it down a cliff. Alekteus jumps to finish the Great with a blow of his scythe, but Tetsuya uses one of the Mazinger Swords to impale one of Alekteus' true faces. He then proceeds to destroy the Warrior Beast with his Breast Burn.


Alekteus´s faces in the chest are practically the same as Gratonios.


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