Aphrodite A
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Sayaka Yumi
Notable moves Oppai Missile System
Aphrodite A is a large crystaline robot created by the scientists of the Mars settlement as a symbol of peace. It is piloted by Sayaka Yumi.


Aphrodite compared to its original counterpart has a more human-like appearance complete with a completely human face. Its crystaline appearence makes it appear radiant and beautiful. It has a pair of large wings on its back with blonde hair and pinkish red armor.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

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Sayaka Yumi wearing the Aphrodite's pilot suit.

As Aphrodte was created as a symbol of peace for the Mars settlement, it lacks built-in weaponry and only acts as a beacon of hope and as support for Z. It is capable of flight, acrobatic movement, and wielding large firearms, but it is not very powerful against a Bio-Beast. Sayaka pilots Aphrodite through a revealing bondage-like costume which features ports for cables to attach to. This allows Sayaka to control its movements with her own body. The glass helmet Sayaka wears traces her facial features allowing Sayaka to change Aphrodite's facial expression. Aphrodite was later upgraded with the Oppai Missile System to fight more powerful enemies.


Aphrodite was first seen fighting the Garada K7 in a losing battle. When hope seemed lost, Z appeared and destroyed Garada K7. During some unknown amount of time Aphrodite was upgraded and later went out to help Z in a Bio Beast invasion. However, Aphrodite and its pilot were captured by Viscount Pygman. Koji manages to free them from captivity and Sayaka has Aphrodite help fight Pygman's forces. It later appeared as back-up during the attacks from the Bio-Beasts led by Devilman X.

Gallery Edit

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