Aphrodite A
Composition Modified body of Aphrodite
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Sayaka Yumi
Notable moves Oppai Missile System, Mazinger Blade
Aphrodite A is giant female robot built from the remains of Aphrodite, in the same lieu as Z Mazinger. After its creation, Sayaka Yumi became its pilot and fought beside Koji Kabuto and the Z Mazinger.


Unlike the more robotic versions of Aphrodite A, the one in Z Mazinger has a much more human-like appearance, even sporting purple hair. It is adorned in Greek-like armor, with the breasts partly exposed.

Weapons and AttacksEdit

  • Aphrodite Missiles: Also called the Oppai Missile System, they are a pair of missiles shot from the chest area. They are powerful enough to destroy a Mechanical Beast in one shot.
  • Unnamed Sword: A recreated version of the sword wielded by Aphrodite, it is shown to be as powerful as the Zeus Blade.


  • A Wing: A large fighter jet piloted by Jun Hono, it attaches to the back of Aphrodite to allow it to fly.
  • Bird Brain: The flying command center of Aphrodite A. While it's flight capabilities are high, the Bird Brain is not very good in combat alone and lacks weapons.


After Aphrodite sacrificed herself to save Koji and Sayaka from Ares, her body was used by Sayaka after Aphrodite allowed her to pilot it. It was later modified into Aphrodite A after being recovered by HSF. Sayaka used it to fight alongside Z Mazinger as the Mechanical Gods made their next move by attacking Tokyo.

However, Aphrodite's old rival Artemis appeared. Sayaka prepares to personally battle Artemis by going to another location. While they fought on even ground in a sword fight, Artemis was about to strike the head. But stopped and deemed Sayaka and Aphrodite worthy of respect. Aprhodite A went back to help Z Mazinger fight the army of Mechanical Beasts including the Cerberus. Artemis helped out by using her hacking arrows to have Cerberus attack Dr. Hell and the other Mechanical Beasts. But Hades refused to give in an unleashed his whole army on Earth. Regardless Aphrodite stayed to help Z Mazinger fight the Mechanical Beasts.

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