Aphrodite A Neo
AphroditeA Neo
Composition Super Alloy Z (Presumably)
Power Source Photon Energy
Pilot Sayaka Yumi

Prof. Yumi (Remote)

Notable moves Oppai Missile System
Aphrodite A Neo is the upgraded Aphrodite A in Shin Mazinger Shogeki! H Hen.


This Aphrodite has a more sleeker look than the original. The biggest change is that this Aphrodite now has a face which no other model had. This makes look more like the Venus A.


Aphrodite Neo is much more lightweight and manueverable than the original model. It also features an Oppai Missile System which features smaller missiles but releases them with rapid fire.


This was a new and improved Aphrodite A to combat Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts. Its first battle is against Zetsurion H69, however despite the upgrades it is still no match in a power match against the Mechanical Beast and had to be saved by Mazinger Z. It was used later by Gennosuke Yumi which he controlled with a remote to rescue the girls held by Gargle RD7. When Sayaka regains her mech, both her and Mazinger destroy the Mechanical Beast together. Mazinger then proceeds to sexually harass Aphrodite to get a glimpse of Sayaka who was still naked after being taken hostage.


  • This Aphrodite A looks a lot like the one in the oneshot Mazinkaiser manga by Go Nagai.

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