Arachne N-8
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Unnamed Terrorist
Arachne N-8 is a mecha in volume 1 of Mazinkaiser SKL Versus.


Arachne N-8's design is based off of the Demon General Zann with a spider design from Devilman's Rasber. It resembles a spider with its bottom side resembling the face of an old man.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Arachne N-8 is able to fly through rockets and use its legs to glide while airborne. It is able to shoot beams from the bottom of its legs that can take control of other robots. The front contains a hidden drill that when rocketed towards an enemy or obstacle can pierce through it. It also show a heavy resistance to projectile weaponry.


Arachne was used by a terrorist to attack a power plant and took control of the working robots. The nearby Mazinkaiser SKL goes to fight against it and its new army taking out the worker robots before fighting against Arachne. The drill mode caught Ryo Magami off by surprise and as it attacked again, he tried to shoot it with his weapons but was unable to pierce the thick armor. It was not until Magami used the axe handle of the Trigger Magnum, that he was able to inflict damage by smashing the cockpit, causing the Arachne to explode.

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