Archduke Gorgon
Gorgon saga
Kanji 剛金 大公
Kana ごうごん 大公
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Robot Numerous Bio-Beasts
Affiliation God Kaiser Hell
Family and Relations God Kaiser Hell (Commander)
First Appearance Unknown
Archduke Gorgon is one of God Kaiser Hell's lieutenants. Unlike the other lieutenants, Gorgon is not based on one of Dr. Hell's original lieutenants, but a villain that was a benefactor manipulating Dr. Hell, Archduke Gorgon.


Down to the fine detail, Gorgon resembles his original counterpart, including the armor and being attached to a sabertoothed tiger. However the tiger is purely mechanical and is decorated with spikes. The upper parts of Gorgon's legs are visible from the humanoid body.


Archduke Gorgon prefers to end battles as quickly and quietly as possible, usually through assassination.


Gorgon was sent to fight against Z and teamed up with Baron Ashura to assassinate Koji using the psychic powers of Psycho Jenny. However, Z managed to turn the tables but the helmet was brought to Hell. When the FUJI army attacked Hell's base, Gorgon and the others tried to fight back but were unable to stop the attack. With his lieutenants being no more use to him, Hell had them thrown into a pit where their biotech was fused into the Great General of Darkness.


The kanji that make up his name translate to 'Hard Metal'.

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