Archduke Gorgon
Kanji N/A
Kana ゴーゴン大公
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Bardos Mechanical Beasts
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Kiyoyuki Yanada
First Appearance Exhumation! Battle Brain Kedora!
Archduke Gorgon is a villain in Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen. Originally a servant of Zeus he changed his loyalties to his rival Hades and plotted to overthrow him. In the modern day, Gorgon works to regain Bardos.


Gorgon was a captain in the Mycenae Army who became friends with Tristan and Isolde (who later become Baron Ashura). Serving under Zeus, he supervised the army to defend from invaders and the soldiers from Uranus. However, Gorgon did not like how things were turning out and defected to Hades. With Tristan and Isolde, he plotted to restore the Empire to its former glory. As Tristan and Isolde present life Baron Ashura appeared and panicked, Gorgon noticed him/her and attacked. As Ashura was captured and offered as a sacrifice to Zeus under the guise of Tristan, Hades appeared to attack Zeus. Koji Kabuto, Tsubasa Nishikiori, and some of the Kurogane 5 appeared trying to help Zeus. Gorgon tried to stop them but Yasu's used a bomb in his body to blow him back. Gorgon survived but Hades, now in the form of the Emperor of Darkness started to have Bardos sink. He had Tristan and Isolde go into stasis as Gorgon continued his services to the Emperor.


Img chara 04 10
Archduke Gorgon has a green skinned human-like torso with red hair clothed in black armor and a cape attached to the lower back of a sabretoothed tiger.


Archduke Gorgon is an extreme nationalist who is highly loyal to the Mycenae Empire to the point of betraying his superiors to make it a force that no one would stand against. He sees Zeus as the one who was bringing the empire down and plotted to have him overthrown. To those who go against the empire and people using Mycenae technology for their own ends, he is highly cruel and intolerable of such acts.


As a captain within the armies of the Mycenae Empire, Archduke Gorgon has command over their Mechanical soldiers, shown when he takes control of the Mycenae golems used by Dr. Hell. In battle he uses a spear as his weapon and the tiger half of his body to attack enemies.


In the present day, Archduke Gorgon appeared to Dr. Hell, Baron Ashura, and Viscount Pygman. He came to reclaim Bardos. Dr. Hell sent out the Mycenae golems to attack but Archduke Gorgon commanded them to stop. Before he had a chance to use them, Gorgon was overpowered by the many bodies of Count Brocken. Afterwards, Gorgon did appear until the end of the anime (save the travel to the past) where Baron Ashura offers him/herself to bring the seven armies of the Mycenae Empire to the surface.

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