Kanji N/A
Kana アレス
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Olympus
Family and Relations N/A
First Appearance Unknown
Ares is one of the 12 Mechanical Gods of Olympus, and is one of the most fearsome for his war loving tendencies.


Ares is a large, burly, and intimidating figure with a scary face with marks on it and extended caninines. He wears decorated armor with a bladed helmet. He also has light hair that extends from the back of the helmet.


Ares is easily one of the more cruel, manipulative, and sadistic Mechanical Gods; taking delight in battle and the suffering of his opponents. He goes to extreme lengths to ensure his victory in battle, brainwashing Sayaka Yumi to attack Koji Kabuto, the pilot of the Z Mazinger. However, Ares is loyal towards his kind and will strike without hesitation on anyone deemed traitor. Ares' words towards Aphrodite imply that he had feelings for her, but is more than willing to beat her down if she gets in his way. He is intolerant of intrusions to his plans, and is willing to personally massacre obstacles even if the interloper has the same goal.


Ares is well known in Olympus for his combat abilities, that were said to rival even Zeus. He is able effortlessly brush off a few Mechanical Beasts. Ares can manipulate energy that can cause levitation like he did to extract Koji from Z Mazinger and project explosive spheres. He is also able to brainwash others like Sayaka in order for that person to do his bidding.


With the death of Adonis, Ares goes to personally challenge the Z Mazinger. Before making his plan go into action, he locates Dr. Hell and tells him to stay out of hiw way, but was willing to have him get the necessary bait to lure Koji. Baron Ashura has the Harpy Mechanical Beast kidnap Sayaka and brings her to Ares. To ensure his victory, he brainwashed Sayaka to attack Koji when he was brought to an arena. However, Aphrodite came to stop it but Ares blocked her path with his energy attacks. Aphrodite manages to stop the teens by striking through an opening causing Sayaka to hit her head and remove the brainwashing. Infuriated, Ares called her weak as she was blasted by his energy spheres. Dr. Hell then had his Mechanical Beasts appear to destroy Z Mazinger, but Ares repelled them wanting the glory for himself. With the Z Mazinger operational, Ares battle the robot. He is distracted when Aprhodite somehow comes back and is hand is severed. He is forced to retreat afterwards.

At the meeting between the Mechanical Gods, Ares complains that he was held back due to Hades' general but they are dismissed when their next attack on Earth commences. Rather than take action when the Talos giant fights the enemy robots, Ares stays in his space station and observes the events.

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