Kanji Unknown
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Mazinger Z vs. Great General of Darkness

Arsoth is a Superhuman Warrior Beast that appeared in Mazinger Z vs Great General of Darkness.


Arsoth resembles a male Roman gladiator with white skin, battle dress and armor covering his left arm with armbands and leg bands and with his true face in the left eye. He also wields a large trident, sword, and net attached to his skirt.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Arsoth had a vast amount of strength and mainly used the trident and sword for close-range combat, he can use a net to trap an enemy. He was also capable of flight.


Arsoth first appears in the movie as part of the first wave of Warrior Beasts sent by the Great General Of Darkness to spread destruction throughout the word. He rampages through Paris and destroys a jet plane and the Eiffel Tower with his trident.

Then he and another six Warrior Beasts are sent by General Juuma to confront Mazinger Z on an island. All Warrior Beasts relentlessly attack the Z, and Arsoth manages to impale him with his trident, leaving Koji unconscious. However, Great Mazinger appears and starts fighting the Warrior Beasts, so General Juuma orders Arsoth and Burrunga to finish off Mazinger Z while the others engage the Great.

Koji regains consciousness. Tetsuya throws one of his Mazinger Swords to Kouji, impaling and killing Burrunga in the process. He grabs the sword and engages Arsoth in a sword fight. The Warrior Beast almost overpowers Mazinger Z. However, Kouji manages to drive a Drill Missile through Arsoth's left eye (his true face) causing the Warrior Beast to disintegrate.

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