Kanji N/A
Kana アルテミス
Gender Female
Age (Ageless)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Gods
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Artemis is a Mechanical God attributed to the moon and hunt. She had an intense rivalry with Aphrodite, which then continued to her new form Aphrodite A and its pilot Sayaka Yumi.


Artemis is a large humanoid cyborg adorned in mechanical body armor. Her head armor features a crescent moon insignia.


Artemis is a militant being who like many Gods look down on humanity. She had a rather one-sided rivalry with Aphrodite, never managing to defeat her in battle. She was more than disappointed when Aphrodite fell in battle and her body ended up being controlled by a human. However, she gains a newfound respect for Sayaka and even helps defeat the Cerberus Mechanical Beast.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Artemis is a skilled combatant armed with an energy sword she used in her duels with Aprhodite and her later incarnation. She also uses her own mobile energy tank much like Apollo and Phaëton. Artemis has a bow that fires arrows that when hit in the control modules of machines can allow Artemis to control them.


Artemis appeared during the Z Mazinger and Aphrodite A's assault on the Mechanical Gods fortress. She attacks the mecha before personally challenging the Aphrodite A to a fight. While Koji is against leaving Sayaka alone to fight Aphrodite, Sayaka reminds him of more pressing matters before drawing Aphrodite's sword to duel Artemis. During the duel, Artemis notices Sayaka's tenacity and dedication to Koji gaining her respect and deciding to help her fight Cerberus. She shoots an arrow from her tank on Cerberus which causes the Mechanical Beast to attack the other Mechanical Beasts and Dr. Hell. With Dr. Hell dealt with Artemis leaves.

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