Baion β
Composition Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Shun Azuma
Notable moves Rust Hurricane
The Baion β (Beta) is part of the Mazinger Army and is piloted by Shun Azuma.


The Baion Beta is a much more slim and human-esque robot compared to the other Mazinger Army robots. It appears to have a pompadour-like hairstyle on its head. The abdomen contains a large grill-like structure similar to the mouth grill of the Mazinger Z.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

The grill-like structure on the Baion Beta's torso to allows it to perform the Rust Hurricane which uses gale force mixed with acid to reduce enemies to dust.


The Baion Beta was created along with the rest of the Mazinger Army on the final assault on Hell Castle with Shun Azuma becoming its pilot. On it's first battle with Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts it managed to destroy a few of them before it got sliced in half killing both the mech and its pilot.

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