Baion β
Bion Beta
Composition Unknown (Titanium?)
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Shun Azuma
Notable moves Rust Hurricane
Baion β (Beta) is part of the Mazinger Army that are set out to fight the forces of Dr. Hell.


Baion Beta in Shin appears differently than its counterparts in other media. It appears more humanoid with a few color alternations such as black chest and axilla, gray midsection and limbs.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Like other versions of the Baion, it is able to use a large grill on its torso to release the Rust Hurricane to cause enemies to corrode.


When the Mazinger Z was in trouble the Mazinger Army came to back up Koji. While Lori & Loru went to help Sayaka and fix her Aphrodite A, Baion & Daion went to confront Doublas M2. Despite their combined efforts they were no match for the Mechanical Beast. Later it tried to stop the Mazinger Z from finishing off Baron Ashura so the Mazinger Army could capture him/her but got away. Baion was later used to fight Toros D7 but got horribly mangled. It was rebuilt to send the Jet Scrander to Mazinger Z.

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