Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Kiba
Bakuryuki is the personal mecha of Kiba before it was destoyed and replaced with Iron Kaiser.


Kiba's Mech is a large robotic warrior in green armor. The shoulders and helmet are adorned with horns shaped in a crescent moon. It is usually attached to a vehicle with caterpillar treads which it can be separated from allowing the mech to go bipedal.


Despite it's large size and heavily armored appearance, the Bakuyuki is very quick and agile able to perform a flip in midair. It is armed with a scimitar for combat. For faster transport, it uses a vehicle with caterpillar tracks that is armed with turrets.


As the Mazinkaiser SKL ravaged through the battlefield, Kiba stepped out of the Bakuryuki to scope out the robot. As Kiba took delight in a fight with the robot, he went back to base with the Bakuryuki before attacking the Hachiryokaku's fortress. There the Bakuryuki fights against the Kaiser, but after being disarmed is easily defeated and explodes. Kiba however, survived.

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