Baron Ashura
The Baron Ashura couple: Wife (left) and Husband (right)
Kanji N/A
Kana あしゅら男爵
Gender Male (Husband), Female (Wife)
Age (Adult)
Robot Baron Ashura
Affiliation Themselves
Family and Relations Husband and Wife
First Appearance Mazinger Angels chapter 1
Baron Ashura is a couple who appeared in the first chapter of Mazinger Angels. Unlike other versions of Baron Ashura, the husband and wife are not fused together or cyborgs, and have no connection to Dr. Hell. They did not appear in later chapters either.


Both the husband and wife Ashura's have the same appearance as their original counterpart only both of them are fully male and female separately and wear matching outfits along with the rods that control their Mechanical Beast.


The Ashura couple have a great love towards each other and wish to live in isolation away from others. To do so, they planned on taking money from ATM with no regard towards others.


A series of ATM robberies throughout Japan were committed by the Ashura's in order for them to purchase a private island all to themselves. After one of their heists they are ambushed by the Mazinger Angels, who proceed to fight their Mechanical Beasts. While the Baron Ashura robot managed to put up a fight, especially with its ability to split in two, it was destroyed by the Angels efforts. The Ashura's are then arrested and are not seen for the rest of the manga.

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