Baron Ashura
Male - Female


Ashura male saga
Kanji 悪醜羅 男爵
Kana あしゅら 男爵
Gender Male/Female
Age (Adult)
Robot Numerous Bio-Beasts
Affiliation God Kaiser Hell
Family and Relations God Kaiser Hell (commander)
First Appearance Unknown
Baron Ashura is one of God Kaiser Hell's lieutenants.


Compared to the original Baron Ashura, this iteration face rotates from the left and right to reveal a man's face or woman's face instead of being a man and woman stitched together. The female face has dark hair worn with a headdress with a pair of odd eyes with one eye having white sclera on the left and a black sclera on the right, her cleavage is also visible. The male face has darker skin with the headdress having horns.


Ashura Baron is very loyal to Hell, following every order without question.


Ashura Baron was sent out with a squadron of Bio-Beasts after news of Z came up. Z managed to defeat them all, with Ashura turning up empty handed. He/she along with the rest of Hell's lieutenants were later fused together into the Great General of Darkness after their failures and other uses have been used up.


The Kanji that make up the first part of its name mean 'Evil Ugly Mesh' which refers to Ashura's appearance.

Gallery Edit

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