Baron Ashura
Kanji N/A
Kana あしゅら男爵
Gender Male (Male body),

Female (Female body)

Age (Adult, both)
Robot Various Mechanical Beasts including the Baron Ashura
Affiliation Dr. Hell
Family and Relations Iron Masks (underlings)
First Appearance Unknown
Baron Ashura is both a man with a mechanical right side and a woman with a mechanical left side instead of a single entity. Like the original Baron Ashura, they serve as lieutenants to Dr. Hell.


Both the man and woman Baron Ashura have faces and bodies similar to their original counterpart. On the other side of their bodies are highly noticable mechanical replacements. All sides of the bodies can change of 4 different combinations.


Much like the original Baron Ashura, they are completely loyal to Dr. Hell and follow their orders without question. Both the man and the woman have separate but similar personalities, although there are times when they argue for the right course of action.


Baron Ashura has complete control over the Iron Masks, directing their attacks and movements. They also pilot a Mechanical Beast based on them with man taking the left side and the woman taking the right.


Baron Ashura would often appear to provide support for a Mechanical Beast with the Iron Masks and attack ground forces of HSF.

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