Barubara D-2
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Scarface
Barubara D-2 is a mecha in Mazinkaiser SKL Versus as one of the first major opponents for the Mazinkaiser SKL.


Barubara D-2's design is based on the Devilman demon, Jinmen featuring a tortoise like structure with a large shell on the back. It has a long neck, eyes that can extend from its head, and a tongue that dangles from its mouth. Its forearms have chainsaws attached and has stubby legs. The back of its shell contains all of the victims its pilot had captured.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

When not docked, Barubara assumes the form of an assault tank. Barubara features a tough exterior, especially on its shell able to survive missiles and the swift attacks of the Wingle. It mainly uses brute force and the chainsaws on its arms for combat. The Chainsaws are powerful enough to cut through the Wingle's detachable blades. For defensive play, Barubara uses the hostages on its shell to keep opponents from attacking it. However, casualties can be avoided by ripping off its head.


T02200261 0800094810921858067

Barubara D-2 fighting Wingle.

The leader of a group of terrorists, Scarface rode atop of Barubara D-2 as he encountered Scarlet Hibiki piloting the Wingle. After Scarlet defeated some of his best forces, Scarface boarded the transformed Barubara and made the first move with its chainsaws, breaking pieces of the Wingle's blade which landed on the back of the shell startling the people on it. Scarlet was hesitant to fight with all of the hostages. Fortunately the Kaiser arrived throwing the Ganzanto into its neck and grabbing it. Scarface threatened the hostages on the Barubara's shell, with Scarlet ordering the Death Caprice Squad to stand down. But they just tell them off and rip off the Barubara's head, crushing it in the Kaiser's grip along with Scarface. The hostages survived and are freed after this.

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