Kanji N/A
Kana ブラッキー隊長
Gender Male
Age (Adult)
Robot Numerous Saucer Beasts
Affiliation Vegan Empire
Family and Relations Gandal (Superior)
Voice Actor Kōsei Tomita (Episode 1), Kenichi Ogata (2-27)
First Appearance Grendizer episode 1
Colonel Blaki is a member of the Vegan Empire military, serving as a major antagonist to Duke Fleed and his allies in the first part of Grendizer.


Blaki is a loyal member of the Empire, despite this he is not afraid to betray other officers to affirm his position in the Empire. However, he was still a respected leader with King Vega seeing Blaki's death as a great loss.


In spite of the respect he had in the army, Blaki's strategies are rather mundane. All he did to stop the Grendizer was send one Saucer Beast at a time to defeat the Fleed robot, which always ended in failure. When another commander tries to show him up however, Blaki shows that he is indeed capable of cunning and deceitful plans that sabotage those commander's plans while leaving no trace behind.


While hardly ever in battle, Blaki pilots the Motherburn flying saucer that stores his Saucer Beasts, MiniFOs, and footsoldiers. It is also armed with lasers and missiles. In episode 27, after Hadohado crashed into the Motherburn, Blaki tried to use a kamikaze method by ramming the Motherburn into the giant mecha; with no success destroying Motherburn with Blaki with it after Grendizer fires it's Hand Beam, Acid Shower, and Space Thunder before ramming through the Motherburn leaving the mecha undamaged.


Blaki first appeared when his fleet attacked Koji Kabuto in his TFO. The Grendizer piloted by Duke Fleed then appeared to rescue him. With the revelation of the Grendizer, Blaki began the brute force attack of sending Saucer Beast after Saucer Beast, but every attempt ended in failure earning Blaki scorn from his superior Gandal. During the final battle, having enough of Gandal (who manages to escape) on his saucer and the Grendizer, Blaki tries to destroy the Grendizer himself by ramming the Motherburn into the Grendizer. However the attempt was a failure with the Grendizer coming out and Blaki died in the crash, leaving Grendizer undamaged.


  • Blaki's final attempt to destroy the Grendizer is similar to how Baron Ashura attempted to destroy the Mazinger Z in the anime.


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