Kanji  ???
Kana  ???
Gender N/A
Age (Ageless)
Robot Itself
Affiliation Invaders (Ōta)
Family and Relations N/A
First Appearance Unknown

Bong was a Mechanical monster sent by the Invaders to attack the Earth. He is seen in the manga adaptation of Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo G: Kuchu Daigekitotsu by Gosaku Ōta.


Bong is an amalgamation of different vehicles; having a jet fighter for a head, tanks for a torso, a shovel claw for a left hand, a drill for a right hand, and jets for feet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With the several vehicle components on its body, Bong possesses a good amount of weaponry. One of the tank cannons on its torso can shoot a flamethrower at enemies, while the other cannons launch regular shells. It can also shoot beams out of its eyes. The jets on its feet allow Bong to move quickly in short distances.


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