Submarine Fortress Bood
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Iron Masks,

Baron Ashura (Commander)

Dimensions Aprox. 200 mt long
Performance aprox. 2 knots

Submarine Fortress Bood is a fortress created by Dr. Hell to replace the Saluud after it was destroyed. Like the Saluud it was piloted by Baron Ashura. The Bood debuted in episode 44 of the anime. In the original manga, it was used in the final chapters to counter the Mazinger Army.


Bood looks more similar to a real world submarine than the Salude. It's main feature is a large mechanical and retractable face that opens up to launch Mechanical Beasts. The Bood is able to create whirlpools to attack enemies on top of or in water. It can also fire lasers and missiles to attack enemies.


In the original Mazinger Z manga, with the Mazinger Army approaching Hell Castle, Dr. Hell sends out Baron Ashura and Count Brocken with the Gool and Bood to counter them. Ashura sent out some of the Mechanical Beasts at the mecha before the Bood was destroyed and Ashura along with it. In the anime, Dr. Hell provided Baron Ashura the Bood as a way to attack from the sea with the Gool in the air. Baron Ashura would use the Bood for most of his appearances up until its own death and destruction in a final act to destroy the Mazinger Z in a kamikaze fashion (which did not work).

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