Kanji N/A
Kana ボス
Gender Male
Age 17
Robot Boss Borot
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory,

Science Fortress Laboratory

Family and Relations Misato
First Appearance Unknown
Boss is a supporting character in the Mazinger series by Gosaku Ōta appearing as the leader of a small gang and the pilot of Boss Borot.


Boss appears to be overweight with a wide face. He wears his school uniform unopened and usually wears a clothed sash around his waist.


Boss is a haughty and arrogant show-off who wants to prove he is the toughest person in town, building his own gang and acting as a bully in school. When around attractive girls like Sayaka, Boss tries to look cool and flirt with them only to be rejected. However, Boss does acknowledge his weaknesses and tries to make the best of what he has and learns to respect Koji and Mazinger Z. He appeared to have been close with his relative Misato, as he swore vengeance on the Mycenae Empire for her death.


Boss is a decent fighter and pilot, able to fight off a couple Iron Masks and control a large robot with relative ease but is lacking in these fields compared to Koji.


Mazinger ZEdit

Boss usually appeared attempting to flirt with Sayaka, but is usually told off. Later he had his own robot Boss Borot created; but due to its faulty abilities, it often got broken into pieces. Boss usually had Sayaka's company for a short while when Koji was boasting that he doesn't need help, at least until he makes her angrier. Boss would go out in Boss Borot and try to be the hero to upstage Mazinger, but was often defeated rather easily. He participated in the final battle against Dr. Hell and became a messenger for when a mysterious prophet foretold the events of the Mycenae Empire.

Great MazingerEdit

As Koji and Sayaka left for the United States; Boss went to fight alongside the Science Fortress Laboratory often trying to flirt with Jun Hono, much to hers and Tetsuya Tsurugi's annoyance. By the time Dr. Hell came back to life as the Great Marshall of Hell Boss went with the other on the lamb as they were being hunted down by members of the government when Japan was threatened by Hell. During the skirmish, Misato was killed by Marquis Janus and Boss was enraged swearing to destroy the Empire. He met up with Koji and Sayaka and joined in the final battle, but like the others his robot was too damaged to continue fighting and could only watch as Tetsuya had the Great Mazinger self-destruct to destroy Hell for good.

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