Kanji N/A
Kana ボス
Gender Male
Age (Adolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Mazinger Angels
Family and Relations Daemon Abashiri (Uncle)
First Appearance Mazinger Angels Chapter 1
Boss is a supporting character in Mazinger Angels, like his original counterpart he attends the same high school as Sayaka Yumi and strives to get her attention and has his own gang composed of himself Nuke and Mucha.


Boss has the same exact appearance as his original counterpart, with the appearance of being overweight with some muscle present along with black hair.


Boss is the same as he was in the original manga and anime, acting tough and tall. He has been friends with Sayaka, enough to know that she is a Mazinger Angel during one of their exploits. Boss assists Sayaka when she needs to leave school to fulfill her duties as an Angel, sometimes just to get her attention. As a result he tries to ask her out on a date, but fails either because Naojiro Abashiri knocks him away or because of Sayaka's own rejections.


Boss often appears alongside his gang when he attempts to ask Sayaka out, only to be knocked away by Naojiro. When the Abashiri Inn was in danger of shutting down, Sayaka and the other Angels helped in the investigation and it is revealed that the recent competitor Count Brocken is behind it and a number of other crimes including illegal mining and abduction of guests. During the course, Boss finds out that Sayaka and her friends are the rumored Mazinger Angels and promises to keep it a secret, something he seems to take too much delight in. He also helps Sayaka get away from school when she needs to leave, distracting the teachers when they chase after her. Sometimes Boss appears at the Angels' gatherings, one time at the New Years celebration he gave sake to Maria Fleed to drink in spite of being her being under aged.

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