Boss is the nickname of several characters in the Mazinger franchise, usually being the leader of a small gang and the pilot of the joke robot Boss Borot that serves as comic relief.

  • Boss (Manga): from the original manga
  • Boss (TV): pilot of the Boss Borot from both the anime and TV Magazine manga
  • Boss (MazinSaga): real name Bose Benson, a supporting character who pilots his own Boss Borot
  • Susumu Bohda: nickname Boss, the captain of the soccer team and best friend of the Z Mazinger Koji Kabuto
  • Boss (Kaiser): A supporting character of the Mazinkaiser OVA
  • Boss (Angels): A supporting character who usually appears with Sayaka
  • Boss (Shin): The gang leader and ally in the Shin Mazinger anime
  • Boss (ZERO): A supporting character and comic relief in Shin Mazinger ZERO

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