Kana ボス
Gender Male
Age 17
Robot Boss Borot
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Fumihiko Tachiki

Mark X Laskowski (English dub)

First Appearance A Fierce Fight! Double Mazingers
Boss is a supporting character in the Mazinkaiser OVA. He is the leader of a small gang composed of himself, Mucha & Nuke and is the pilot of the Boss Borot.


Boss' appearance in Mazinkaiser is based on his original counterpart from the original manga, appearing to be overweight with short but messy black hair and black eyes. He is often seen in his school uniform which is a black gakuran with a white shirt. Boss almost always wears a sash around his waist.


Boss is largely the same as his original counterpart: boastful, arrogant, and a show off. However, he is also friendly when he is not boasting about himself; giving full support to the lab and its staff. Boss also shows a highly lecherous side when around attractive girls like Sayaka Yumi, the Gamia Q, or Lori & Loru.


While Boss's skills as a pilot are not as good as Koji or Sayaka's, he is able to pilot Boss Borot in a relatively decent fashion; but this is not saying much due to how fragile Borot is. Outside of the Borot, Boss can employ some sort of stealth tactics when sneaking into the Saluud and use his large frame to his advantage in combat.


Boss usually pilots the Boss Borot to fight against the Mechanical Beasts including when the Mazinger Z is captured. After Koji is ejected, he goes with Sayaka and Shiro Kabuto to look for him. They notice more Mechanical Beasts attack the Lab and go back before witnessing the Mazinkaiser appear and take out the hostile forces. But the Kaiser is on a rampage against the Great Mazinger before it powers down after Koji stops it.

In another Mechanical Beast attack, Boss piloted Boss Borot to rescue Sayaka when the remains of Aphrodite A fell. When Tetsuya Tsurugi and Jun Hono left, Boss would go into battle with the Boss Borot when Mechanical Beasts attacked the lab, Sayaka was kidnapped, and later when the Ghost Mechanical Beasts attacked but is usually thrown away. When everyone else was held at gunpoint, Boss Borot came to the rescue by scattering the Iron Masks. With Boss Borot too damaged to continue fighting. Boss gives Koji a piece of the Borot, which Koji uses to fix the controls for the Kaiser for a final blow against the Hell King Gordon.

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