Bose "Boss" Benson
Kanji Unknown
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Boss Borot (MazinSaga)
Affiliation FUJI
Family and Relations N/A
First Appearance Unknown
Boss (Real name Bose Benson) is a supporting character in MazinSaga. He is also part of a threesome composed of him, Nuke and Mucha.


Boss was born on the Mars Settlement after humans settled on Mars. Eventually he met Nuke and Mucha and they became good friends.


Boss resembles his original counterpart, however with his ethnicity being changed to caucasian instead of Japanese, Boss has brown (almost blond) hair. His design also appears to be heavily based on Mad Saurus from Violence Jack.


Unlike his original counterpart, Boss is not a bully and is actually very supportive of Koji Kabuto and Z. They also became good friends as the series moved on.

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