Kanji N/A
Kana ボス
Gender Male
Age 17
Robot Boss Borot
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Raid! The Assassin gets close to Koji

Boss is a major supporting character in Shin Mazinger ZERO. Like other counterparts he is the leader of a small gang and the pilot of Boss Borot.

Appearance Edit

Boss has the appearance of being overweight but does possess visible muscles with black hair, eyes, and an overbite. In terms of clothing, he is always seen wearing a sash.

Personality Edit

While Boss retains his cocky and showy attitude in other counterparts as well as his perversion to attractive women like Sayaka and Minerva, he is supportive of Koji and Mazinger Z. He is closest to his gang members Nuke and Mucha. Boss holds a great amount of pride in Boss Borot despite being painfully aware of its flaws, yet strives to go on in spite of shortcomings. Boss greatly cares about people he was close to, berating Koji for turning down Sayaka and his offers for help and hesitating at the sight of Ms. Onchi being an Iron Mask.

Abilities Edit

Boss' skills as a pilot are shown to be diverse yet not up to par as Sayaka or Koji. Vehicles he has used range from mopeds, tanks, and even Boss Borot's unconventional controls.

History Edit

Boss was usually seen in the sidelines often going into battle with any weapon he can get his or Borot's hands on. Other times he gets assigned small tasks such as getting pictures of Minerva without her outfit on by the Three Scientists or by Prof. Yumi telling him to assist in battle.

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