Boss Borot
Kanji N/A
Kana ボスボロット
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Asimov-kun
Family and Relations Asimov-kun (creator)
First Appearance Janjaja~n Boss Borot Dai chapter 1
Boss Borot is the main protagonist of Janjaja~n Boss Borot Dai and its sequel series Onari - Borottono Dai as Borottono. Unlike the original Boss Borot, this robot is human sized, has a consciouness and personality, and was created by boy genius Asimov-kun instead of the three scientists. He is also the first of many robots later made by Asimov-kun.


Boss Borot appears the same as his original counterpart, a round robot with thin limbs and a small-dome shaped head. After being upgraded into Borottono, his body gains an oval-like shape with a top-knot hairpiece.


Boss Borot has a naughty personality around attractive women. However he has a sense of justice and does what he can to help others whether it be Asimov-kun or his friend Yoko. After upgrading to Borottono, his naughty personality was lessened partly because of Asimov-kun using a remote control that causes Borottono to slap himself.


Boss Borot is very clumsy due to his faulty structure and tends to break apart easily. However, his mind is very much like that of a regular human, something that surprised even Asimov-kun. His greatest strengths are his size and weight, which he uses in battle. He is powered by eating food scraps where his body can process that energy in a gaseous form. Unfortunately, as revealed in Borottono Dai the gas can cause scratches which can cause Borot to break apart and cease to function.

Borot also has the Buseat launcher similar to a western capapult that looks like a toilet seat to propel itself into the air and act as wings for semiflight.

After being upgraded into Borottono, Asimov-kun made a remote control to keep Borottono's perverse tendencies under control, by causing Borottono to slap himself in the face.


Boss Borot's misadventures usually involved going out for strolls, helping Asimov-kun, and spending time with Yoko Kokubo. Boss Borot often had to help Yoko out of certain situations like perverted robots while trying to find a way to deal with his own life.

One day his body breaks down from the gas in his body and was considered dead. He was then rebuilt as Borottono, with a new more formal personality. When Yoko is injured in a car accident Borot gives some of his parts to help her which the rest of the family followed to keep Yoko alive as the cyborg Yoko-chan.

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