Boss Borot
Boss Borot Saga
Composition Standard metal parts
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Boss
Boss Borot is a robot built by Boss and his gang from spare parts of FUJI's military weapons to serve as a means of defence for FUJI's citadel.


Boss Borot is a robot made from a literal mesh of military weapons that seem slighly out of proportion to the main body. Like other models of Boss Borot, it has a dome shaped head but has disoriented eyes. The body however, is much sleeker and muscular to other version of Boss Borot. It has upright tank treks for legs, the left forearm is a machine gun, while the right arm is a crane claw. Another machine gun is located on the torso.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As Boss Borot has not been fully seen in battle, it is assumed to use the machine guns attached to its body for ranged combat while the right arm would be used for clow quarter brawls.


Wanting to help Koji in the battle against God Kaiser Hell, Boss and his gang used some old parts from the military to create their own robot. It was set out as the battle between Z and Devilman X started.

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