Boss Borot
Composition Standard Iron Metal
Power Source Conventional Fuel
Pilot Boss

Boss Borot is a robot piloted and named after Boss (even though Nuke thought that the name was strange). It was originally a security robot for the Photon Power Laboratory that Boss hijacked to battle the Mechanical Beasts.


Compared to other interpretations of Boss Borot, its initial appearance was a more simplified design with no
animated eyes and just has pale and circular yellow lenses. Its limbs are covered in red coils while its hands, feet, and head are grey. It has a pale green body with a black waste with red middle chest panel. By episode 23 it was repainted to its more recognizable appearance from the anime and other related media.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

While Boss Borot is not very good in combat, it possesses impressive physical strength able to catch a large missile and throw into the air before it exploded. Besides that, it is rather fragile and is usually left as just a head. However, the head contains a powerful electromagnet that allows it to pull up objects much larger than itself including Mazinger Z.


Boss Borot originally appeared in episode 16 as a security robot guarding the robot hangar. However, the Kedora managed to sneak past it. When the robot tried to restrain the Mazinger, it was thrown away. By episode 23, it was improved and repainted by Inspector Ankokuji. Boss piloted the robot and named it after himself, even though Nuke found the name to be strange. Boss Borot managed to catch a missile aimed at Tsubasa in the Kurogane House and managed to throw it into the air. But when it entered combat, it was easily defeated and reduced to a head but retrieved Mazinger Z from the ocean. Boss and his gang watched both the defeat of Dr. Hell and the rise of the Mycenae Empire.

Video GalleryEdit

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