Boss Borot
Composition Scrap Metal
Power Source Conventional Fuel
Pilot Boss
Boss Borot is a robot used by Boss and his gang to help combat the Mechanical Beasts of Dr. Hell. While still mostly a junk robot, this iteration of Boss Borot is more heavily armed than other counterparts.

Appearance Edit

Boss Borot resembles its other counterparts as a large hulking framed robot with long extendable limbs. It has a relatively small pink head that often changes its face depending on the situation.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Boss Borot much like its original counterpart possesses incredible physical strength, however due to its weak frame it possesses poor durability. To compensate Boss Borot is often armed with heavy artillery weaponry.

History Edit

While the exact time Boss Borot was created is unknown, some time after the first attacks by Dr. Hell, Boss and his gang had Borot built to join the fight. Borot joined the cavalry artillery during the Mazin War. Ever since, Boss Borot would appear in battle occasionally against the Mechanical Beasts.

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