Boss Borot
Composition Scrap Metal
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Boss
Boss Borot is a robot created by the Three Scientists on the request of Boss. Much like its counterparts, Boss Borot is a joke robot that is also the weakest.


Boss Borot features the same design as its counterpart from the anime having a brown and yellow body with a dome-shaped pink head.

Abilities and FunctionsEdit

Boss Borot is a weak robot that is prone to breaking easily in a fight. It has no weapons and even when the three scientists made imitations of Mazinger ZIP!'s weaponry they did not stay for very long. The controls function like that of a car featuring a steering wheel. Borot can hold at least three people inside which are usually Boss and his gang. Once it was equipped to the Jet Scrander by accident creating a Jet Scrander Boulder.

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