Kanji ボスボロッ娘
Kana ボスボロッこ
Gender Female
Age (Adolescent)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Unknown
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Ayana Taketatsu
First Appearance Robot Girls Z ONLINE
Bossborokko (nicknamed Boss) is a childhood one-sided rival of Z-chan. She is based on Boss Borot but is given equal footing in terms of destructive power to other girls compared to her fragile source of inspiration.

Appearance Edit

Boss is a girl around the same age as the other robot girls but is shorter compared to them with a rather large frame and body. She has dark brown hair worn in a pair of pigtails held up by a blue ties. She has red eyes with thin eyebrows, rosy cheeks, and a bandaid on her left cheek. Her clothing is a mix of a traditional sailor suit style uniform and the red and orange armor plating of Boss Borot while her waist has the sash worn by Boss and a pair of plain gray shoes.

Personality Edit

Boss is feisty and wants to be seen as the strongest robot girl but especially wants to surpass Z-chan.

Abilities Edit

Boss unlike her source of inspiration is actually just as powerful and dangerous as the other robot girls but has always been held back by various circumstances such as getting knocked out by enemies before she has the chance to strike. Ironically she is usually the one who ends up becoming the end of enemies in Robot Girls Z+ by inadvertently doing something that causes them to be caught in the attacks of other Robot Girls.

History Edit

Boss knew Z-chan back when they were still in kindergarten which is where their rivalry began. During this time she was seen with her henchmen, gradeschoolers Nuke and Mucha. Throughout her appearances, Boss tried to be seen as the strongest Robot Girl but often gets involved in the hijinks of the invading robot monster girls. Ironically she usually ends up being the one that causes the undoing of these monster girls by pure accident. These incidents even got Boss named a hero much to Z-chan's chagrin.

Trivia Edit

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