Kanji Unknown
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor None
First Appearance Great Mazinger (TV): Ep 10

Bruton is an insect Warrior Beast that served as the monster-of-the-week for episode 10 of Great Mazinger. It is one of the few Warrior Beasts that have the implanted brain inside the head instead of anywhere else on the body.


Bruton resembles a giant humanoid insect with a large torso, bat-like ears, wings on its back, antenna on the top of its head, a fan on its torso, and tridents for hands.

Personality Edit

Bruton was clumsy and somewhat dumb, as shown where despite being capable of combat, he fell into his own trap.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Bruton is able to control flocks of crows with its sonar. It is able to fly with its wings. For offense it uses a bladed boomerang, its trident hands are attached to chains for mid-range combat. However its large frame cause it to fight clumsily. It can release hurricane force winds from the fan on its torso and release electromagnetic beams from its antenna. It however prefers to work at night as sunlight inhibits his vision. Even so it is capable of sleep fighting.

History Edit

At night, Bruton used flocks of crows were attacking people, so Tetsuya and Jun were sent to investigate. Meanwhile, Bakarasu was chained to a steel ball to restrain him if he went rabid. The screech came on, and he got out of the cage and chased Boss Borot to a cliff and he fell into a cave. Inside the cave, Borot encountered Bruton, who then carried him on his talons. Great Mazinger arrived saving Borot and Bruton fought back clumsily until it was morning and he escaped. The Great General of Darkness ordered Scarabeth to take Bruton out in the day, in spite of being off mode. So Scarabeth sent Bruton to the city. After a little rampage he took a little nap until Venus A came. Bruton while still asleep redirected her attacks until Bruton escaped to a cave until Great Mazinger found him and dragged him out. Outside, Bruton fought more clumsily than ever because of the sunlight. Bruton accidentally chained himself during the rumble. When his wings were melting he flew into the Great Typhoon, Great Mazinger threw him down when it was turned off. After this, he was destroyed by Thunder Break.


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