Kanji N/A
Kana ブゴ
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Robot None
Affiliation Demon Tribe
Family and Relations N/A
First Appearance Mazinger Angels vs Devilman Part 1
Bugo is a large amorphous demon that appeared as a minor antagonist in the Devilman arc of Mazinger Angels. Unlike his counterpart from Mazinger Z vs. Devilman, he had a very short appearance and did not appear again until the end.


Bugo is a massive manta ray-like demon with a large body that has multiple eyes on his front and back. He has a mouth that extends from the top of his head.


Bugo is able to fly in the air for indefinite periods of time and can transport a legion of demons to a location, he can also shoot energy out of his eyes at enemies. He may or may not have had the same shape-changing or acidic abilities as his counterpart did, but it was never shown.


Bugo first appeared over Tokyo having transported other members of the demon tribe across the city. The Mazinger Angels are dispatched to fight it. The former elite guard of Zannin, Devilman is also there fighting against the demons with the Angels caught in the crossfire. After a few attacks by both the Angels and Devilman, Bugo and the rest of the demons retreated. He was presumed to be killed when Devilman and the Angels paired up to defeat Dr. Hell and the Demon Tribe.

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