CB Chara Go Nagai World
is an OVA based on the major works by Go Nagai and Dynamic Productions. The 45 minute episodes were released in February to June 1991. A one-shot manga and video game were also published a year later. This was the first (and last) work between Dynamic Planning and Toei after the fallout over the ownership of Gaiking.


The OVA primarily follows Akira Fudo and his friends from the Devilman manga. They find themselves turned into chibi-like character versions of themselves. To change back, they go around the world encountering characters from other franchises by Dynamic Productions. The series mainly revolves around parodies from the original content of Devilman, Mazinger, and Violence Jack.



  • Akira Fudo
  • Ryo Asuka/Satan
  • Miki Makimura
  • Jinmen
  • Sirene
  • Psycho Jenny
  • Kaimu
  • Agwel
  • Ghelmer
  • Zennon
  • Demon Clean Up Squad
  • Jinmenko
  • Jinmen's wife
  • God

Mazinger ZEdit

  • Koji Kabuto
  • Sayaka Yumi
  • Baron Ashura
  • Dr. Hell
  • Gamia Q3
  • Count Brocken
  • Garada K7
  • Belgas V5
  • Grendizer
  • Iron Masks
  • Iron Cross
  • Danube a1
  • Glossam X2
  • Grothim B3
  • Brutus M3
  • KingDan X10
  • Doublas M2
  • Gaia Q5
  • Goronko S2

Violence JackEdit

  • Violence Jack

Other Edit

  • Steel Jeeg
  • Getter Robo

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