Cosmo Special
Cosmo Special
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Maria Fleed, Koji Kabuto, Hikaru Makiba
Dimensions 50 mts long
Performance Mach 8
Notable moves Spark Bomber, Cosmo Missile, Cosmo Beam
Cosmo Special is a special spaceship used in the final battle against the Vegan Empire. Unlike the Spazers it is unable to combine with Grendizer. Cosmo Special is piloted by Koji Kabuto, Hikaru Makiba, and Maria Fleed.


Cosmo Special is able to separate into three ships, each piloted by its three pilots and has enough thrust and lift to break through the Earth's atmosphere.


  • Double Missile: A pair of missiles shot from the front of Koji's piece of the ship.
  • Space Beam: A beam shot from Hikaru's ship.
  • Spark Bomber: An energy bolt shot from Maria's ship.

Gallery Edit

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