Count Brocken
Kanji ブロッケン伯爵
Kana ブロッケンはくしゃく
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Mechanical Beast Girls
Affiliation Underground Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Fierce Fighting! Return of Baron Ashura (Mentioned),

Reform!? Count Brocken's Assignment!!

Count Brocken is a recent member of the Underground Empire. She was first mentioned in episode 7 of the Robot Girls Z anime but made her official debut in the web manga. Unlike the original Count Brocken, this version's headless body was not her original one.


Count Brocken is a young woman who appears to be at the college student age. Like the original Brocken, her head is disconnected from her shoulders and is carried around by her mobile body. She has long maroon hair that she has tied to the left side of her head in a wavy ponytail and wears a monocle on her left eye. Brocken's body wears a light blue army uniform of an unknown origin featuring shoulder padding, a dark blue belt and gloves, and red cross accessories. In her original body, Brocken had the appearance of a regular girl who wore a leotard and tights.


Compared to the original Count Brocken, this version does not swear absolute loyalty to Dr. Hell and is more interested in her dream to be a teacher. She gets rather upset when her Spartan methods are unappreciated. Brocken is shown to be rather gullible, falling for the tricks of others including Archduke Gorgon and Baron Ashura.


Count Brocken was originally a graduate student who traveled with a body that had no head. She was unable to apply for a teaching job and was approached by Archduke Gorgon who gave her the opportunity to teach while changing her body to use in her scheme to bankrupt the Underground Empire. Baron Ashura hires her to take over her job while she tries to get some time off.

Brocken introduced herself while handing out her means of teaching. The Mechanical Beast Girls were not interested in studying which upset Brocken. Brocken gives Ashura her job back later while Dr. Hell reveals that the terms of Brocken's contract transferred the Underground Empire's resources to another company causing the Empire to go bankrupt.

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