Crisis Relief! New Weapon Go!
Kanji 危機の救済 !新しい武器に行く !
Romaji name Kiki no Kyūsai! Atarashi Buki ni Iku!
Volume 3
Chapter 17
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Brocken, The Devil's Revenger No Worries! The Science Fortress Lab!

Crisis Relief! New Weapon, Go! is the seventeenth chapter of Mazinger Angels. It marks the full debut of Dr. Hell.

Summary Edit

The benefactor's Mechanical Beasts savagely attack Fire Venus and when they are about to finish her off, an old man in a robe and cane says to him that he will not get his way. He reveals the benefactor to be Dr. Hell, which surprises the Mechanical Beasts' controller. Dr. Hell then has Serpenter I6 draw its sword to finish Fire Venus until the main Angel teams arrive now equipped with their new weapons. The robots attack the four Mechanical Beasts stand in front of Fire Venus.

When Sayaka is about to speak, Venus A steps in front of her and fires her missiles. Serpenter however eats them and spits them out covered in ice. Dr. Hell taunts the Angels for using the same tactics before having his Mechanical Beasts readied. Sayaka however proclaims that Dr. Hell shouldn't look down on them for all the training they had to go through and for everything Dr. Hell made them go through. The OPM robots reveal their new weapon, the Exceed Spear.

Dr. Hell however is unfazed and has his Mechanical Beasts attack. Aphrodite A, uses her Exceed Spear to throw Apollo A1's flames around and strike it. Venus counters the moves made by Kentol Γ7 and manages to get it in lock. Diana A struggles with the attacks of Blaster A7, but throws the ends of the Exceed Spear with the Exceed Boomerang attack. Dr. Hell examines the battle closely and sees how the Proto-Minerva fights against Serpenter as it moves so naturally with a Mazinger Blade in hand. Maria has Proto-Minerva change into its La Sirene de Noir mode and perform Thunder Breaker destroying its opponent. Aphrodite finishes off Apollo with its Giant Swing Rocket Slash, Venus finishes with her Backspin Thrust, and Diana uses her Anti-Gravity Stream.

Dr. Hell laments how his Mechanical Beasts were destroyed, as the prophet states how it turned out like her predicted, Dr. Hell throws his Bardos Wand at him wanting to know who he is. The scepter tears off the cloth while the prophet takes off his latex mask revealing himself to be Prof. Nonaka. Nonaka knows Dr. Hell from when Dr. Hell was chased out of the scientific community, asking if he is taking revenge on society. Dr. Hell replies that he only wants to force everyone to acknowledge his genius before he departs on his Gool. He compliments Nonaka but stated he had bad taste. Nonaka shot back that Hell had bad taste as Dr. Hell left. The Angels stand ready to fight.

Trivia Edit

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