Kanji N/A
Kana クロス
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Kurogane House
Family and Relations Tsubasa Nishikiori (Employer)
Voice Actor Tesshō Genda
First Appearance Unknown

Cross is Tsubasa Nishikiori's right hand and a member of the Kurogane 5, he serves as the Kurogane House's main clerk.


Cross was once a hired thug and a loner who was near death when Tsubasa found him and brought back to life with her biochemistry skills and technology supplied from Juzo Kabuto. Since then Cross swore his life to Tsubasa dedicating it to protecting her.


Img chara 03 02
Cross is a large middle aged man with pale skin, bald head, a black goatee, and a cross shaped stitch scar on his face. He is usually dressed in a suit consisting of a black jacket, pants, and shoes; a pink shirt; and a red tie. When working at the inn, he wears a light green shirt along with a green haori with a blue outline and white diamonds.
Img chara 03 02 01
Under his skin reveals his cyborg body.


Cross is the most loyal member of the Kurogane House, going with Tsubasa wherever she goes. His desire to protect Tsubasa extends to her sons Koji and Shiro Kabuto, while showing them how to fight to defend themselves.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Information GatheringEdit

Cross' job as a part of the Kurogane 5 involves finding out information about unusual events occuring in Atami and reporting them to Tsubasa.

Cyborg PhysiologyEdit

He possesses superhuman strength and resiliance, able to pick up the Hover Pilder and stop a Mechanical Beast's attack. This is revealed to in fact come from his Super Alloy Z cyborg body. Before he became a cyborg, he was able fight forty men at once and not of his opponents survived while Cross was unscathed.


Cross first appeared hearing people speak of the Mechanical Beasts and went to report to Tsubasa. After Koji is imprisoned, he and Yasu break him out of his cell. After the Kabuto brothers move into the Kurogane House, Cross goes with Tsubasa when she leaves the inn such as her trip to Germany and chase for the Kedora. When they chase the Kedora, Tsubasa, Koji, and Kurogane 4 end up in the past during the time of Zeus. When the Garadoubla MK01 attacks, Cross sacrifices his life to protect Tsubasa and Koji. He is brought back to life by Tsubasa later, and arrives in time to fight Viscount Pygman. He and the rest of the Kurogane 5 then help out in the final battle against Dr. Hell.


  • Cross originally appeared in the manga Guerilla High named Jigoku, asa large bloodthirsty immortal. He later appeared in the Violence Jack manga as one of Tsubasa's enforcers, while his cyborg body references Naojiro Abashiri from Abashiri Ikka.

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