Daemon Abashiri
Kanji 悪馬尻駄ェ門
Kana あばしり だえもん
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged to Elderly)
Robot None
Affiliation Abashiri Family
Family and Relations Goemon Abashiri (Son)
Naojiro Abashiri (Son)

Kikunosuke Abashiri (Daughter)
Boss (Nephew)

First Appearance Unknown

Daemon Abashiri is a minor character in Mazinger Angels and Mazinger Angels Z. He is the owner of the Abashiri Inn as well as the father to Goemon, Naojiro, and Kikunosuke Abashiri; Boss is also his nephew. Angels Z reveals that he is friends with Juzo Kabuto.

Production HistoryEdit

Daemon originally appeared in Abashiri Ikka as the leader of their small yakuza group. He was involved in several relationships, some of which resulted in Goemon, Naojiro, Kikunosuke, and Kichiza. Daemon is the strongest member of his family, but only showed his true strength when his family is endangered.


Daemon is a small old man with no hair, long eyebrows and mustache, and wears a kimono and geta.


Daemon shares his original counterpart's serious attitude for business and family, refusing to sell the Inn when things looked hopeless. When sending Kikunosuke to school, Daemon provided his daughter with special keepsakes and necessities. Kikunosuke also revealed that Daemon collects bikinis, showing a lecherous side much like his original counterpart.


At some point, Daemon met Juzo Kabuto and they became friends to the point that Juzo entrusted Daemon with a special motorcycle and a wakizashi made of Super Alloy Z. Daemon later had his children and opened the Abashiri Family Inn. Several years later, its business was threatened by a hotel run by Count Brocken, partly because Brocken was stealing the spring water from him. When his nephew Boss came with the Mazinger Angels, the MA decided to help out and investigate the mysterious problem with the Inn. When Count Brocken was defeated and the spring water was returned, the Abashiri Inn was back in business.

A few years later, Daemon sent his daughter Kikunosuke to Paradise Academy as other schools were having trouble with her while giving Kikunosuke the keepsakes Juzo gave to Daemon.

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