Daion γ
Composition Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Masao Oide
Notable moves Breast Fire
Daion γ (Gamma) is part of the Mazinger Army of the Photon Power Laboratory, it is piloted by Masao Oide. 


Compared to the Million Alpha and Baion Beta, the Daion Gamma is heavily built and the closest to the Mazinger Z in appearance with its Mazinger like face and broad body. In the original manga, it is depicted with legs. However in several of its animated appearances it has hovering thrusters instead.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

The Daion Gamma is capable of the Breast Fire, one of Mazinger Z most powerful attack. Unlike the Mazinger, the chest armor opens us to reveal four heat sinks that could potentially be stronger than the Mazinger's. It is also capable of flying through the air despite its large frame.


For the final assault on Hell Castle, Daion Gamma and the rest of the Mazinger Army were created as back up for the Mazinger Z. Upon its launch it managed to destroy some of the Mechanical Beasts before being impaled with a drill from behind and bombarded by beam attacks destroying it and Masao Oide.

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